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  OnP Deluxe Photo Studio with Lighting

This is our latest photo studio and is the one we use for models for our online clothes in the Marketplace. For our tastes, the addition of lighting makes all of the difference. And it also allows some backgrounds for usage as portraits and the like.

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OnP Posestand 3   OnP Posestand 3

This is the posestand we use and have used for some time. It gives many options for viewing clothes worn in many different modeling positions. The rotation option we also love, and the idea that it can different speeds to view the avatar in all directions without moving the camera.

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  OnP Posestand and Pose Studio Vs. 4

We also at times use this item. Without lights, it is not as good a photo studio as the top item on this page. However, if you are just setting up avatars different places around a second life room or area for a special photo, this one can be good to work with... in our opinion. So a good one if you are doing photos "on the move" rather than in a studio.

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  OnP Catwalk 3, Avatar Programmer

This is our latest catwalk. It is loaded with features but then again, that means it is also loaded with complexity. A person might have to work a bit to be learn to be able to use all of its features. The length of the catwalk exceeds the size that an animation by itself can handle, and so, the models are propelled by a "move engine" that you program, and that we give some help with if using the standard model walk area. Much power. But again, takes some learning.

One extrea feature here... I believe as I recall, that this catwalk can be used by males or "other" was well as females.

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  OnP Catwalk for Ladies Fashions

This catwalk is simpler than the one above. Since it is shorter, it can be done within the normal bounds of animation Second Life rules, and so it is done simpler. It might be a good alternative if you do not need a long or a custom catwalk, both of which can be done by catwalk 3 above.

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