Our Security orbs that can help privacy in certain areas of your Second Life land have several features, and also include the more software simple traffic sensors in the same package.  The features of each are listed below the item. 

100 L


Security Orb Kit
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Traffic Sensors

  1. Is Copy = Yes, and you can make multiple copies

  2. Set range distance up to 96 meters per orb

  3. Set Eject time

  4. Set message before eject

  5. Can use "Yes" list or "No" list

  6. Can be used for renters

  7. Can be used on personal or groups land (different settings)

  8. Use menu or notecard entry or both

  9. Only owner (or in group usage "saved owner" same you supply) gets full menu. 

  10. Renters or group members get reduced menu that only allows addition or deletion of names, but not other settings

  11. Safety - for owner or saved owner or renter

  1. Only responds to owner

  2. Click for list of total number of people and avatar names since last reset

  3. Reset when low on memory

  4. Comes in either a fountain style (2 prim) or a vase, to attract less attention

  5. Does it help?  Yes.  We had a person we banned return with a slightly different name as shown by the traffic sensor.  We of course added their new name to the no list of our security orbs. The two items can compliment each other.


Comments:  Is a fairly brutal security orb.  This means that not everyone may get the full eject time before eject.  The eject timer begins with the first recognized guest who is not allowed.  Anyone arriving after that time also goes on the list, and all on that list will be ejected with one exception  That exception is that if the land is group owned and therefore this security orb must be deeded to the group, if a group member did not have their proper group tag on at first, if they put it on before eject time, they will not be ejected.



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