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Illusions within Second Life 

Much in Second Life are illusions.  Yes, but those illusions help make it fun.


At least at this time, I know of nothing in Second Life that can do mirror effects.  But a few places have created an illusion that looks that way.  What is being done is quite complex.  The floor is often made somewhat transparent.  Then a mirror image of the above structures are installed upside down under this transparent layer - such that it looks like a mirror effect.  The way to show how this works, if you see a place doing it, is to send your camera beneath the floor and to observe the upside down structure created beneath the floor.


Second Life of course tries to put your feet on the ground in SL or at least just a bit above it.  So how can high heels work where the foot is lifted up?  Well, second life made shoes that make in appearance do allow some modifications that actually happen to your foot and not the shoe - as we might have explained in a previous section.  So you can use platform effect to raise the foot and then also make the heel and toe area thinner.  Now the Second Life foot is off the ground.  But this is just the beginning.  Some parts must be made transparent to make the effect a good one.  The first stage is the Second Life shoe itself that we just made to life the foot up.  Under transparency, we add a completely transparent texture that is simply 100% transparent.  I am not sure if Second Life gives this texture out.  I simply make it offline and upload it to Second Life using a tga file.  So, okay the second life shoe just disappeared, but we still have a foot to make invisible at least in part so the high heel can slant nicely under the foot with no foot section in the way.  So we make the high heels out of prims (objects) that handle the height we made available with the SL shoe.  When done now we add at least one piece on the bottom that uses a special invisibility script that makes the second life foot invisible where this piece is, but not the high heel.

We do make and sell ice skates, roller blades and skateboards that use something similar.  What we do is again raise the foot up using an SL type platform shoe and then put a ice skate blade or roller blades or skate board below, and then add invisibility script into a lower piece to make part of the SL made boot (made under appearance) to be invisible.  Yep, all an illusion, and a common one.


Some 3D Effects are made by doing shading on custom textures that designers load into Second Life.  A common one might be for a pillar where the center of it is lighter than the edges such that it appears that the item is round.  note that skins in Second Life also contain much custom shading in order to make the bodies look more three dimensional and hence more realistic.


Clothing can use custom textures made offline.  And to add realism, some of those clothes textures use transparencies to make semi-transparent items such as nylons, or to create a custom neckline or even lace effect where material forms a design and the area around it is open.




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