A Catwalk for Ladies to show off their gowns and fine ladies wear




  The Catwalk can support two ladies on the external portion at once, and yes they will keep their spacing.

Animation options inside allow two ladies to either begin walking outside at will (manual) or to being walking after 15 seconds or so to change.  We actually recommend the manual start to ensure SL has all the clothing on you wish.  But when we say manual, only the starting time is manual, the entire walk is of course under animation control - and the length of the catwalk is about the max allowed by SL for an animation.

$L 300

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  While these still photos do not show all, the walk is made purposely to look feminine, so this is for the ladies or for guys who have very open minds to us :).  But also the walk hesitates at both front corners for a quick pose at models do.

And yes, more than 2 ladies can participate, it is just that only two may be on the outside catwalk as much.  You can have many taking turns as a real fashion show if you wish.

View from inside the model dressing room   While the above photos show the dressing room area opaque- meaning covered to show nothing at all of the models changing, note that on the inside where the models change that they can view outside without much oddity other than a blue tint.  This allows them to see where another model may now be walking and when they should start, or how the audience is doing.  The color squares that you see on the ground to the right of the model are the items the model keys to being the animation.  Two are for manual start of the animation, and two are for timed 15 seconds out and about 15 seconds to change or thereabouts and I believe that red is continuous walking outside on the model pattern - something that might only be used for testing since it allows no time for clothing change.

A very popular animation set.

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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