Ice Skating


Yes, a whole kit to make your own ice skating rink

Ice Skating  





A very popular item at our mall.  This is a while kit to make your own ice rink on your land for your guests for about $L 500 as we recall the price (hope we got that right).

The basics for it are a dance ball that instead of dances has two complex skating routines that work back to back.  These skating routines include skating, jumps, sprins, graceful maneuvers and even a back flip, perhaps similar to the one that was made popular by Brian Boitano, figure skater from Canada.  The back flip is not allowed in competition I understand due to danger, but no danger here, the skater always lands safely.

Included with this dance ball that can handle ten skaters at a time are a snow man, fir tree, and textures for ice and snow and I believe even a block of ice for those that just want the ice made - oh and instructions also.  How do your guests get skates?  The kit includes free dispensers for both the men and ladies that offers at least simple skates free to your guests.  But no, the fence in the rear of the first pic is not included, that is the top of our mall :) .

A very popular item at our mall.  And it has been clear that some who have seen this have come over to our mall to get their own.

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