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+ some Solutions



Prolog: First of all, we do want to say that this is not a criticism by us of Second Life or those in the Mesh business. We are in fact impressed with both. But anytime humans push technology, some things get resolved faster than others. Here are some of the issues we have seen and some possible solutions that we have found.

 STEP ONE - USE "Add" instead of "WEAR" when right clicking an item in inventory. "Wear" only allows one item at an avatar attachment point, and so it will remove the item already there, which could be a mesh foot or worse. But if you use "add," more than one item is allowed to be at an attachment point, and therefore a mesh foot and a high heel shoe can both attach. This might be the single biggest issue.


We have the same issue, but usually can fix it. And we hate to use the crutch feature of making part of your mesh body disappear, so we very seldom do that. A few things we do instead:

  • First of all, just because for example you have a Maitreya Mesh Body, do not assume that the Maitreya mesh clothes will work the best. We often use a Maitreya body but then find that the "Slink" mesh clothes fit best, or perhaps simply the "Fitmesh" or even the "classic" version.

  • And sometimes we need to go a size larger to get it to fit

  • And yes, we do sometimes have to adjust our shape to wear certain clothes. Below are some shape change hints

  • TOP shape changes that are common - breast size, breast buoyancy, breast cleavage, , belly size, love handles, torso muscles

  • BELOW the WAIST - butt size, saddle bags, leg muscles

  • OTHER - in odd cases we have seen other items have an effect. Oddly sometimes increasing an item solves an issue - for fit-mesh or items trying to adjust their size based on your avatar shape. So, there are oddities

  • COMMON SIZES WE USE - that work for many mesh clothes

  • Breast Size - 44 to 50%, be ready to adjust buoyancy for some that are low on top

  • Butt Size - 29% works in many cases, but more can be hard

  • Belly Size - 0% -just gets in the way too much

  • Love handles, saddle bags, torso muscles, leg muscles, adjust downward for some items


Consider doing what we do - buying full perm mesh clothes, and then using our universal Hud to change color and even texture easily. While there indeed are good full perm mesh clothes and bad full perm mesh clothes, we are not sure we see that price makes a difference. Either way, you will kiss some frogs to find a real prince or princess. But in the case of full perm mesh clothes and our universal Hud, we actually now find mesh clothes easier than the previous SL clothes. But again, that is our opinion. More at OnP Universal Mesh Hud.


Yes. Best to just wait.


The solution of course is to reload the body and any other things missing such as feet. Just go to your inventory and find what items you are wearing. You can sometimes search your inventory by using "worn" as a word above to see what you are currently wearing. It will also show items that use the word "worn" in them so be careful. When you find the mesh body you are wearing, right click it off. Then drag it again to your head or just double click the missing body or missing feet in inventory to wear it again and fix it.


It is a setting. Bring up your Belleza HUD and go to layers. At the right of each layer of tattoo, underwear and clothing, you will see a "mode" column, and buttons under that. Click the buttons to go from "mask" to "blend." The "blend" choice will show semi transparencies and items behind it. The mask choice will look at the semi transparency. If the item is mostly opaque and just a bit transparent, it will make it opaque (non see thru). If the item is mostly transparent, then it will turn it all transparent. For lingerie, including nylons and pantyhose, some semi transparency is common for realism. Just use "blend." In their notes, Belleza does seem to warn that only one of the three layers, tattoo, underwear or clothing should be set to "blend" at one time and the other two should be set to "mask." We did not seem to find this that demanding in our tests however. But we did wish to also include what Belleza says.


Use "Add" instead of "Wear" or double clicking an item in inventory. Original rules of SL (Second Life) was that only one item could be in a bodies attachment point at once. Even if you cannot see your SL original body with the mesh covering it and hiding it, it is there. Your Maitreya feet already "attach" to the real body feet attach point. And so, if you add high heels by just choosing the "wear" option, SL will get rid of the Maitreya feet and put your high heels there instead. How to fix? Easy, but hard to remember each time, I agree. Instead of using "wear" to attach more at an attach point, use "add" which allows more than one item at an attach point. And "add" is what you want since you want both the Maitreya feet and the high heels attaching to the same point. What happens if you forget and use "wear" for the high heels and your feet disappear? Go to where the mesh feet are in your inventory for what you should be wearing today. Right click them and choose "add." Note that "add" works for them as well and then they will exist along with the high heels.


Note that this also can be part of the Belleza semi transparent issue, with "mode" needing to be set to "blend."

This problem can be many kinds. Since there are tattoo layers (lowest level), underwear layers (medium level), and clothing layers (upper level), a layer should show the items beneath it that it does not cover. One would assume that the designer did use transparencies in their textures to allow that. But at times, some or all of a bottom layer can be missing. You might look and see only half a stocking, or all of it missing, by just wearing underpants above. That makes no sense. Correct. We found this to be an SL drawing error. That can happen. Sometimes the fix can be easy by simply forcing a redraw. You might do that some times by moving your camera in or away. Or you might move your camera away from your avatar and then back again, forcing a redraw. In severe cases, bring up your HUD for your mesh body. Then go to layers. Click off all body shapes upper and lower for tattoo, underwear and clothing. And then turn them on one at a time begging with tattoo, then underwear, and then clothing. This may force SL to draw them in the correct order. Now, another thing to keep in mind is that the layers may act differently. If you are wearing a swimsuit and it is making a tattoo disappear, and you have no underwear under your swimsuit, consider loading the swimsuit at the underwear level instead of at the clothing level to see if that helps. Another possibility is to use HUDs, like our underwear HUD, that groups things that would normally go to the same attach point - like nylons, garter belts and panties - such that it is one layer and not three. That can also simplify things.


Yes, we have seen this. The simplest fix that we found was to use the Belleza HUD and to then go to "skin" and then at the bottom right, to click off "Nipple Mesh."  At least, this solution worked well for us with purchased "Absolut" tops, which at first showed nipples right through, and now do not.


This one seems odd to us. If you try and drag a folder of clothes to your mesh avatar, it depends on what part of your avatar you drag it to. Sometimes if you drag it to mesh clothes on a mesh avatar, we have seen SL ignore the folder. But even dragging it to an exposed skin of a mesh avatar seems to work. Of course, for many of us, we do not have mesh heads and therefore can or should be able to drag clothes folders there.


Now, this problem may have now been fixed of course with later mesh products from the manufacturers. So this article is just based on a small sampling that we have seen. But we first saw tiny nuisance holes in the painted layers of underclothes or clothes from Lola mesh breasts and a similar problem at times with Belleza mesh body. We did not see it with the Maitreya Lara bodies that we have worked with so far. Some online places have also seen these holes and said it was in the textures. No. We wish it were. Then it would be easily fixed. No. As we move our camera in and out or around we see this holes appearing, disappearing, becoming larger and smaller, or even seeming to blink at us, and that means it is a kind of mesh layer drawing error between the mesh and SL and not a texture. And we also noted that the same texture when used on Maitreya Lara did not have the issue. Also we noted that when taking layers off and putting them back on the Belleza mesh body we had, we saw some imperfections in the same exact places that we were having spots appearing when layers of clothing were applied there. That would seem to imply that perhaps some junk was still there not cleaned off from earlier clothes. But we tried to clear all layers and a few other things and that by itself did not fix the issue. There still were annoying spots and problems appearing and disappearing.

How to fix? Not sure we have found a permanent easy solution for either mesh product, but we have found a few things that helped. Lola mesh breasts first of all. We found we could make it better by changing our drawing settings under preferences in the SL browser above pull down menu. And in some cases, shutting off some of the features such as ambient light options or advanced lighting sometimes made things better or worse. That is a good one to explore. Lola updated mesh breasts also then allowed more than one layer - allowing a bra layer and a clothing layer above. We found some issues using both layers a the same time. We would have to bring up the breast HUD by clicking the breast and clicking both on. If we just put one on a time, the other would go away. As a supplier, we also decided in the above clothing texture at times to also include on that texture what the below texture would look like if it were also showing. That helps.

As for fixing this in Belleza, the single best thing we found was reading the Belleza directions. Belleza seems to know there is an issue by what they write there. Note that in an above issue, we spoke that in the Belleza HUD under layers there were mode controls that could be set to mask or blend, and that blend must be on for transparencies. Yes. But also somewhere we found in the Belleza information supplied they suggest that only one of the three layers of tattoo, underwear or clothing be set to "blend" if any at all, and the others set to "mask." Well, that does help. Of course it depends on what type of layers you are adding. For our tastes, often the layer that needs most to be set to "blend" is the underwear layer, since much underwear, nylons, pantyhose, panties or bras, have some semi transparency in them for realism. That would suggest setting the tattoo layer and the clothing layer to "mask" if that works for you. Well, we found for our tastes that if the tattoo  was just pubic hair and perhaps even just a normal tattoo itself (we did not try all tattoos) that the tattoo layer often could be set to "mask" without too much of an issue. An exception to that would be "red bottom" effects for spanking if you are into that. Red bottom effects of course are a semi transparency of amount of red above a perfectly cute bottom that is already there. Setting red bottom effects at the tattoo level to "mask" gives very bad results - giant red in a tiny spot and nothing elsewhere. of course one could argue that to see a red bottom well, the panties would be off and so just install the red bottom effect at the underwear level. As for the clothing level, that depends on the clothing used. Many above layer clothes are fully opaque and have no semi transparency and can be simply set to "mask." But what if you are wearing something like a wet t-shirt above as clothing? Well, one thing to do would be to wear the wet t shirt as underwear and again use the underwear as your blend layer. After all, what good would be a wet t shirt if there were underwear below it? Well, maybe that is a different subject than the technical article here. But what we did find, is that good use of what is THE blend layer for Belleza and setting the others to "mask" layer did help a great deal. It did not make the problem go away, however.

 As for the real answer to make all of these spot issues go away, we do not have the full answer. We believe that the answer lies somewhere between the way the mesh products are made and how SL draws layers on mesh. We hope that those places also notice these tiny imperfections (depends on the person viewing it of course) and over times makes it all better.  In the meantime, the more we can learn about what settings at least help, the better we can make things.


Hope some of this helps

thanks for reading this

- Suzie Larsen and Hunter Bronet

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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