Photo Shoot


Object on the left, menu controlled by you, poses model on the right

  If you do some photo shoots of models for clothes or for other products in SL, you likely know how frustrating it can be.  Avatars in SL are not like real life, and we cannot tell them how to pose and expect them to do it easily.  Nope they wont do much at all without the correct pose or animation being activated.

So, then, how about you having direct control of the model via menu driven software.  How about if you can change the type of model pose of the direction the model is facing at the touch of a few menu buttons?  Likely that could make a photo shoot much easier.  one does not have to keep on readjusting their SL view camera, nor moving all over, but just modify the pose via menu.

  At $L 600 it can be a real time saver and also a saver of frustration for those of us in the photo shoot business.

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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