72 skins come in this low priced $L 199 package, but with makeup options, it can be a far far higher number.  The Accent skins include 6 skin tone shades from our lightest to our most tan.  Within each of those 6 shades then would be 12 choices.  Two of those choices are for those who want no makeup or to put on their own makeup later using our "tattoo level" makeup packages.  One of those two is simply "no makeup" at all.  The other only begins with black eyeliner.

The other 10 choices?  They are preset makeup choices based on red lips, red fingernails and red toenails that vary by eye shadow and also of course by pubic hair or shaved.  For those okay with red lips and nails, these provide a quick answer.  However, for those who wish to customize, a string of tattoo levels and and how to use them can allow no makeup to a huge variety of custom makeup, that yes, you can color tint yourself to just the shade of color that you want.

Note that this package also includes a selection of eyes, a model shape that you can modify, and also an AO for Sexy Walk

Note that this product is advertised in the adult section in the nude for those who wish more skin detail.

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  First of all, we hope that no one is offended that we did allow one naked rear view on the left.  But we did want to show the shading around the bottom area of the model here. since that is perhaps where the added shading becomes the most obvious.  And unfortunately, swim suits, no matter small, cover this detail up.

But yes, we find the rear view hear alluring, and it is meant to be that.  And this is perhaps one of the most dominant features of our accent skins compared to the others.

But of course there is much more to the accent skin than just this feature.  It also increases the contrast of the skins everywhere.  This means highlights are more highlighted and shaded areas more shaded.  Is this alluring?  We find it to be very much so.  All our models have switched to this skin.  How much alluring is good?  Well, second life is supposed to be a fantasy.  We ourselves at this time (we could always change) think this much of contrast is the farthest that makes sense for our tastes.  We really do like the effect.


You might ask what the picture on the left is all about?  Well the picture on the left of that photo of two ladies is the no makeup option.  And no makeup means no makeup not even eyeliner. 

But on the lady on the right, we begin with something close to no makeup - the "only eyeliner" skin option.  Then we added multiple "tattoo level" makeup to get a very custom appearance.  In this case we still went with red fingernails and toenails, but the lips were a deeper red, more of a burgundy, and about 30% transparent - since when using makeup you have some options.  We still did apparently go with blue eyeliner, but in this case, again we used a 50% transparent version that made it a light application.  And not shown here, this skin also used a different shade of pubic hair and also partially transparent.  You can add makeup separately for lips, for nails (finger and toenails both), eye shadow and pubic hair.  Each of those can be colored to suit.  Three of those choices, lips, eye shadow and pubic hair (but not nails) also offer three types of transparency:

none   t0 = 0% transparent

30%   t30 = 30% transparent

50%  t50 = 50% transparent


Yes, yes, we know.  Our makeup versions really mostly just use one of our middle skin shades R2.0 and we did not show makeup on the lighter nor the darker shades.  But hopefully the makeup should give an idea on how it would look on others.