* Now Added Facial Expressions to a number of Animations where we felt it added

* We improved our avatar adjustments to include both avatars and also to be key driven. This means that up/down can be adjusted by your page up / page down keyboard keys, and that your direction keys can adjust left, or right, or back or forward - all as facing this product from the front. If you are using a portable with no direction keys, the keyboard keys "a", "w", "s" and "d" also work for left, right, forward and back.

* Some Animation Improvement


For those who for any reason are interested in spanking, a menu driven spanking couch makes a lot of sense and would even seem the only good way to go.  The reason for this is that spanking is not just a single action - but a series of events and choices in real life that should require many animations to be realistic.  After all, there is the initial discussion, the possible lecture, possible disrobing, the possible tantrum, the discussion of the consequences, multiple types of spanking including the possibility for paddling or caning, the rubbing, and the aftermath. The aftermath may include rubbing or corner time depending on well the two know each other, or it may also drift into love.

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This product while only $100 L provides a number of those animated sequences and also a number of options on the way.  It also does provide a paddle and cane to wear.  Regardless of your reason for your interest in spanking, we truly believe you may find this product interesting - and perhaps the best way to handle these needs and wants.

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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