SL Animations hb at Owl and Pussycat mall makes animations for usage both as separate couple dance balls or synchronized animations, but also for the Intan dance ball.  This web page concerns the separate dance balls that can work without an Intan dance ball purchase.  Below are links to show the dances.  Again, the dance animations and couple animations are really the same for these couple dance balls and for the Intan dance machine. The difference is the packaging of those animations - whether they are provided with dance balls for separate usage as described here or made for easy Intan install.
DANCES Synchronized  

ANIMATIONS Synchronized

To do dance balls, we needed script to synchronize them.  We did look around for script in the SL Public domain, but found nothing we liked, so we ended up doing our own sync script.  That was fortunate.  As we found out by experimenting, doing it wrong can lead to some very strange sl errors, and we now understand why dance balls lately no longer allow a stated sync command of "/1 sync" to synchronize them any time.  While that would be a nice convenience,  SL we find can get confused and can mix and match animations with the wrong avatars.  So we do something we found much safer, and something that so far we have seen no problems with.  Our dance balls talk and synchronize with each other down their linked paths.  That does mean that if you are SL capable enough to un link our dance balls and synchronized animations for more detailed adjustment to suit your avatar sizes, please ensure that you relink them - following the convention that the male or darker dance or master animation ball is the last one to be linked.

As of this time, our separate dance balls and synchronized animation balls synchronize whenever one of the two in the couple begin usage, and also after approximately four minute intervals if the dance balls are still in usage.  Since at this second, we do not reset the timer in the dance ball, it stops so it does not tie up your sim with more to do, but the number of seconds it was last at remains.  This means that the 4 minute sync will occur 4 minutes from the last one, but if the dance balls remain out in usage, the first sync may be much less.  Hopefully that makes sense.  Consider a wall clock that rings always at noon or midnight.  Consider that if you leave it at 5 o clock that it will stay stopped at five.  That means the next ring will be in 7 hours and not 12 since it will start at 5.  Of course the second ring will be 12 hours apart in the case of the clock, or 4 minutes apart in the case of our sync signal.

If you desire a sync and are out of sync, the easiest thing to do is for one of the couple to stand then again re-start by sitting on the dance or animation ball.  This should force a sync.

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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