SL Animations hb at Owl and Pussycat mall supports Intan Dance Balls with unique dances and animations.  It does not itself make nor sell the dance balls themselves.  Hunter Bronet is a member of the Intan group and as such does also at times provide help to Intan users.

The Intan Dance ball we understand can handle generally only 15 couples at once, though some can do more we understand at a higher price.  But those couples may select between and up to 200 dances or animations stored in the Intan Ball.  Click on the below linkages to see those animations and their description.


DANCES for Intan  


This may be confusing at first, but the dances we use for Intan and for our separate dance balls are actually the same animations. The difference is in the packaging.  Many places make only couples dance balls.  The problem with that is for some Second Life residents, it seems a complex process to get the animations from the couples dance balls and into the Intan dance ball.  So, for us the issue is one of packaging.  Our intan versions of our dances we strongly recommend that you buy the Intan packaged version only.  If you do, the animations are right there ready for usage along with the note card that must be used for the dances.  Simply put the dances and the notecard into the Intan dance ball by editing the dance ball, selecting "more" in order to get to the lower portion of editing, and then selecting the contents tab.  You should see a number of program scripts and animations in that contents area already.  Then just add the two dance animations (one for each person of the couple) into the dance ball along with the notecard.

The Notecard - only one for each supplier may be necessary

At Owl and Pussycat (OnP SL Animations hb) we cannot speak for other suppliers.  For us, though, we try to make things easy for our customers.  We will always try to make our Owl and Pussycat notecard complete for ALL of our current dances and Intan animations.   That means that you only need to have the latest notecard for Owl and Pussycat in the contents folder of your Intan ball.  To be sure, note that the real datacard information that Intan needs is at the top of the notecard, and there only are instructions below.  After the word couple, you should see the name of the dance or animation.  If the list includes all of the Owl and Pussycat dances and animations you have also stored within the Intan dance ball, then only need this one notecard and certainly not one for each dance.  We hope that makes sense.  What Intan really uses needs are the two animations and simple sentence of numbers for each dance or animations - those numbers tell it the names of the dance animations and also their x,y,z starting points as the dance or animation begins.  Intan generally only allows the male dance ball to be adjusted in height, but allows full x,y,z and rotation control for the other.  And yes we know, that dance balls may be used by any gender or group of genders.  Consider the blue ball the dominant of the couple.   Hope you enjoy.

ANIMATIONS for lovers in Intan

While we make many many animations at Owl and Pussycat for all kinds of needs, we tend to make only a few of the more obvious ones available for Intan.  Our first two selections were hug 1 and kiss 1, not surprisingly.  Perhaps dancers wish to greet or say goodbye and we believe those are nice inclusions.  Simply click the linkage above to get to view more on those two animations.  And yes of course, those animations are synchronized animations for couples.  If you wish more Owl and Pussycat animations to be available for intan, let Hunter Bronet know in Second Life.

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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