Dark Blue

Transparent Jeans Set

for BOTH Men and Ladies


Suzie Larsen


  This set is similar to our jeans set of transparent jeans located here.  There are two differences.  This set of jeans is meant for either Men or Ladies.  That is one large difference.  The other set was just meant for ladies.  The second difference is that the jeans are a darker blue denim and have a brown belt instead of a pink belt.  We thought the guys would appreciate that!

The jeans come in a similar set as the ladies only set.  That means one pair of jeans opaque (non see-thru) and 5 levels of transparency so you can pick on each day how daring to be.  Those transparencies are listed on our other page, which is again listed here, but they include:  t10, t20, t35, t50 and t70 where t35 for example means 35% transparent.  Jeans with no see-thru ability that are not transparent and hence opaque are listed as t00, meaning 0% transparent, or that you cannot see through them at all.  Note the male model on the left displaying the t00 version of these jeans.  Click on it for a larger image.

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t20 or 20% transparency   t50 or 50% transparency   Description    
    Yes, yes, girls!  I gave in and used a female model for the transparencies!  Life just is not fair!  In this case you can see how pink panties show through.  The model on the far left is wearing the t20 pair which is 20% transparency.  There is a hint of the pink panties beneath.  In the case of the model on the right, she is wearing t50 jeans, which are 50% transparent.  In this case you can definitely make out the shape of the panties.  If the panties were a print, you could tell that also.

The entire set of 6 jeans for a mere $L 10.