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Doing FITMESH for MAITREYA and Gianni

Yes, there are many Mesh Body tops in the Second Life Marketplace. We decided to standardize on two - Maitreya for Female type bodies, and Gianni for Male type bodies. Now we quickly want to say that we are not trying to restrict genders to two, but it would seem all genders begin with a female or male body type and modify from there. Hopefully you will agree.

At this point, even we understand that in the many body choices available, that some of them are quite good. We did decide to standardize on two types, however, since the design work we find in order to do what we wish for a mesh body article of clothing can be quite time consuming. As for why our choices on these two, it was a combination. Even though mesh bodies will always be a matter of opinion, for our tastes we found the Maitreya mesh body and the Gianni mesh body flattering. A second item that was important to us was if the body did what it should and lacked oddities or surprises, and we gave both of these mesh bodies high scores on that, and also ease of working with.

With this direction, our store in Tissela on the first floor will be mostly dedicated to Maitreya on the right side of the store as you face inwards, and Gianni on the far left side of the store in its beginnings.


The goals for Maitreya have not changed, but are much the same now as in our page that we have had for awhile at: Maitreya Goals. Our Goals for Gianni Fitmesh differ a bit, since we found a problem and a solution at the same times for male bodies that we ourselves preferred. It seemed that the mesh clothes was just getting too large to ensure no alpha was needed beneath the clothing. At the same time, Gianni has what we consider a great Alpha Auto Hide software capability that can make some areas alpha invisible while the clothes are worn, and then return the body to normal as long as the "detach" command ic used by right clicking the item in inventory, or by right clicking the item directly as worn clothing. We did notice a high end clothes maker for Gianni mesh bodies also using the Gianni Auto Hide technique, likely because they ran into the same issue that we did. It simply seems the best way of keeping clothes for Gianni reasonable sized, and does seem to work well with the Gianni Alpha Auto Hide. A second item is that we did not feel the same urgency to allow space for underwear underneath the clothes as we did with Maitreya. And yes, I suspect some people may see this differently. But we felt it was not such a big need for male type avatars. And so our Gianni goals are:

 * Make clothing that we ourselves like and enjoy wearing

 * Keep Size Reasonable of the items, perhaps using the Gianni Auto Hide.

 * As in Maitreya, keep complexity low such that customers find it easier on crowded sims where complexity kills

 * Provide Huds for color, and at times texture, effects and other changes to make every item sold something of a "Fat Pack"

 * Keep Pricing how to encourage sales

 * Include Instructions that cover all of the issues and help that we found we needed to know in our usage 

And so, some goals are similar for both Maitreya Fitmesh and Gianni Fitmesh from us. And those are really all of the above, except for item 2, we try to make our Maitreya clothes work without alpha needs.... at least for many or most body shapes. Also for Maitreya, we try to provide physics help and also we do some physics testing of most of the items.



Visit us at the Owl and Pussycat Mall in Second Life at Tissela
look under classifieds for Owl and Pussycat ..or