Our General Goals at OnP for Maitreya Mesh Products are as Follows:

  • Try to ensure that the customers do not have to use alpha

  • Keep Complexity low so the Avatar can be seen easier

  • Allow Color Change via a HUD, and also at times some texture or transparency change

  • For Outer Clothes, for many, try to allow options for mesh underwear below

  • For High Heels and Boots, try to allow options for mesh nylons - at least our own - if not more

Note: Click on the Links above for items you wish more information on.


One could certainly argue that trying to prevent alpha usage is a personal desire. What are the options, one might ask? Well, in the case of our non fitmesh, our "classic mesh" - we offer sizes and also do try them with many of the mesh female avatars for sales. In the case of Fitmesh, which we mostly do for Maitreya mesh avatars only, we try to test the fitmesh Maitreya clothes we do for a number of body size changes and also for some amount of movement. However, some of our Fitmesh Maitreya Items such as some of the dresses come in sizes for the usage of possible mesh underwear below, or can be used if you wish more movement and less chance of the mesh avatar body below showing through.

For our "classic mesh" we do admit that we have normally designed for sizes near 50% (average) breast size and 50% (average) butt size. With our Fitmesh for Maitreya, even more variety should be available since the clothes try to adjust for body shape changes. However, even there we admit that 0% or 100% breasts may be an issue, but we try to accomodate at least many sizes, and sometimes even those.

Why do we not personally like the usage of Alpha? Well, perhaps not everyone feels this way. But it seems if one must ever take clothes off for intimacy near another, it seems awful to us to have some avatar body parts missing below. But then again, what you find is important, is always your own decision. Hope you like some of our design goals.

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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