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This site is actually as much or more of a Hobby Site than a business. And by that I mean that at least for the software, I never expect to be paid anything for the software time that I write, taking many hours weeks and months and years to do that. Does not everyone work for free? The small amount of money per software program asked for in the shareware fees will go to pay the costs of the websites and other similar costs in order to make this website possible. As such, yes, we ask that anyone using these services also understands that this website is not a money making business, or is trying to take advantage of anyone, and that therefore we have no money to cover any person's complaints. Therefore our liability exclusion must be agreed to before download. If there is anything less economical than working for free, it would be somebody demanding not only free but added money for some unknown reason. Please be understanding.


I believe a person would have every right to ask what my purpose is for writing eBooks. Is it to make money? Is it to convince people of anything? Not really. As I grow older I believe that every person during life if they were a student for life, perhaps became good in a few fields. Now none of us can become great in all fields, that would be quite impossible; so we each specialize and learn in a few separate fields of study. And my goal is simply to try and pass on what I have learned, with the idea that perhaps it might make something easier for a person who follows after me. Or perhaps especially with my book 5, that I call my philosophy book on Human Knowledge, Science and more, it make make some of us think about things we had never thought about before. Certainly while writing that book and during research I learned much.


I do not believe that I ever wrote a program intending to sell it at the start. I write software programs when I feel something is missing within the items currently for sale. Some I feel may be missing features, or some rules that make the program less useable. So I write software to "fill in the blanks" of what I see the world. And after I am done, sometimes I think others may be interested and so I might offer it for sale through some means of distribution. Is this approach good or bad for quality? Well, starting out trying to please myself, at least there are some rules, some drive for a quality level. If a person just does something for sales, do they really care enough how the program works? And so, I release no software programs unless I personally am happy with how that software works. If something annoys me ... it gets fixed. And on this site now, I will try and show any changes or updates as I go along.


As for me, I am a graduate Electrical Engineer with a BSEE degree from IIT Chicago, who also took some Masters courses at the University of Illinois, in Urbana, Illinois. I thank those Universities with trying to impart on me the ability to at least try to look at things logically and with an open mind. In fact, that is what Science should be all about. I began as an Electrical Engineer, first in Magnavox, then in the Motorola Corporation in its growth years of Cellular ending as a VP of Motorola Operations sometimes in charge of Manufacturing and or Engineering for a Division. From there I became a Senior VP for a startup technical firm in California, and later began some small businesses.


I truly hope that if you buy or use any of our products that you will enjoy them and get something from them. I certainly use the software myself a lot, and hope others will as well. As for the books, to en extent I often reread them to look for what I see as errors, and try and correct those on later editions.

- owner /software author at rpsoft 2000 software






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