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The information presented on these web pages and sections  is simply a free service.  It is also the belief of the site owner here that the information presented is factual.  But yes, there is advertising often to the left and also sometimes in a link within the free information.  However, we will try to ensure that items advertised here are reasonably priced and are also items that we ourselves find useful.



Midi Information and Downloads (click for link)

 Midi information and free midi downloads.  Also information regarding home recording studio information for midi and general acoustic recording information to record home audio / and or midi on a cd.

Music Chord Theory: (click for link)

Music chord theory, with also information on scales, plus chord definitions.

Music Chord Terms Dictionary (click for link)

Definitions of some common Music chord and midi terms

Blackjack Information

Blackjack information (click for link)

A brief description of the game, and also information on my favorite casinos.  Also contains information on some of the numbers, odds, and trends in Blackjack and some of the reasons for those trends.

Blackjack Terms Dictionary (click for link)

Definitions of some of the more common blackjack terms

Best Bet Thermometer (click for link)

One of the pages in the Blackjack Information above, that compares best odds on different types of Black Jack play, craps, roulette, slots and the lottery.

Software Related Information

Ms Office Hints and Tips (click for link)

Hints and tips on some of the Ms Office suite modules, featuring making macros for Ms Word among other items.  It also includes an important macro specifically for Excel that can remove hyperlink text that might get in the way of navigating a spreadsheet.  Other items include use of the computer clipboard, find and replace, Outlook mail directing into folders, and PowerPoint usages for greeting cards and making cd holder covers.

Printer Spooler Hints (click for link)

Ever been tied up by a jam on your windows computer and a printer?  Are you frustrated even more when you cannot get the control panel printer to delete the files it refuses to print?  Try this.

Web Site Hints (click for link)

Hints that I have found helpful, both on making a commercial web site and then advertising it.  Includes a discussion on links, search engines, meta tags, search engine robots, and more.

Digital Photos - Touching them up (click for link)

Free help for touching up your digital photos or pictures. Includes information for getting rid of items, red eye, photo tricks, putting on the internet, combination pictures and more.

Corel Photo Paint Hints and Tips (click for link)

Free help for using some of the moderate to advanced techniques of Corel Photo Paint.  While this is specific to Corel's Photo Paint 8, it is likely also useful for most later editions of Corel Draw / Photo Paint.  The tutorial covers items that we ourselves had found confusing, such as clone, air brush, image sprayer (including making), and pattern tile fill (including making your own tiles).

Some eBook Subjects and Excerpts

eBook "Strategies I Learned Becoming a VP"

eBook "Logic Science God and Human Intelligence"

General Reference Information

Scope Installation for Air Rifles

Gives helpful hints on installing a scope on air rifles

Ship Sizes - The "Tiny Titanic"  (click for link)

Compares the Titanic, which was the worlds largest ship in 1912 to some of the huge ships of today.

HDTV terms

Discusses some US television video terms and how they relate, such as HDTV, progressive scan, 480i. 480p and 1080i

Decibel Audio Measurements (click for link)

Neighborhood audio noise examples, taken in Carlsbad California mid year 2002.

Pool Table Playing Tips

Tips for beginners at table Pool - or those wishes to re-start their thinking on playing pool

Hints on Madden Football (click for link)

Hints on playing the Madden Football video game.  While the hints are based on EA Sports version of 2003 and 2004 Madden football for the X-Box, it is guessed that these hints may also work with the other versions of EA Sports Madden football.

Hints on MVP Baseball - by EA Sports (click for link)

Hints on playing the MVP Baseball video game by EA sports.

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