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Treasure Island Casino

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Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas


rpsoft 2000 casino review:

Treasure Island is a fun casino, more North on Las Vegas Blvd. from Harrah's, Caesar's Palace and the Flamingo.  And the trip is worth it.  Fun blackjack and a fun pirate show that is staged outside the casino most nights (weather permitting - with low or no wind being the main requirement).  The pirate show is well known and crowds gather well in advance to watch the real actors and actresses act out their pirate ship battle.  The fire and splashing is also real I might add.

But even more so, the blackjack on the inside was also a great deal of fun as I recall.  I tend to leave blackjack tables early some times, but I think Treasure Island might hold my record for the longest time at one table.  A fun place.  Worth the trip.


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