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PROFIT, 1929-2010

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PROFIT Data, US, 1929-2010
that affect US Industry

US PROFIT Data from 1929 - 2010

Sources:  BEA (US Bureau of Analysis) for Income, Expense and Profit, DocStoc.com for Unemployment.  For references, see the right side of HERE.


This set of charts covers more territory and hence will have less detail than the other chart groups.  This set of charts contains the maximum information I have on each subject - in three cases, from 1929 onwards.  and for unemployment, 1948 onwards.  I had thought at one time that looking at such a large area at once may not tell a story.  It does not tell a detailed story.  But I do believe that it shows that the US lately is not doing as well as it used to - in its financial measurements.  Each are entitled to their own opinion.  But in my mind, the information here is so common and similar that I personally no longer believe it ties to political party.  It is something larger I believe.  We in the US need to get back on track.

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