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PROFIT, 1947-1969

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PROFIT Data, US, 1947-1969
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US PROFIT Data from 1947 - 1969

Sources:  US Department of Commerce, US BEA (US Bureau of Analysis) for Income, Expense and Profit, DocStoc.com for Unemployment.  For references, see the right side of HERE.


It took me a long while to find good data out of the US.  I had thought for quite some time that most of television commentators and experts were being free with their comments and not analyzing data much.  After getting into this, I find it makes me humble.  As hard as it is to find the data, it is far harder to analyze it.  At first I thought if profit was down, you could blame the president or those in Congress.  But after a bit, one realizes that there is far more going on.  Some presidents have "peace in their time".   Some fight recessions, and maybe more than one (Bush had 3) and some had to deal with wars and some had to deal with tragedies of nature such as volcanoes, hurricanes and floods and more.  So a good analysis must take that all into account.  I did at least a second level type analysis on the 1990 -2010 items since I am more familiar with recessions and wars in that period.  I have not yet looked closely at this period.  I have heard that Reagan, who is one of my favorite presidents, was faced with a giant recession and that he did a good recovery.  Well, one of us, perhaps me, should get deeper into this period with analysis before casing stones.  I thought I would just present the data with also the cautions: - recessions, wars, acts of nature can affect what you see even more than the politicians involved.

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Not much difference to me here.  Perhaps a faster GDP with JFK, Johnson.

Unemployment seems to have gone up under Eisenhower timing, but down for the other three.

This one is disturbing for maybe two reasons.  The first is that back in about 1960 the federal government stopped ensuring profit.  But the other concern is that good industry growth and unemployment would also track good profit.  But there are now several cases seemingly in our US history where it did not.

Again US Income is mostly IRS for the fed, but note that the US Department of commerce also includes state and local income. Expense is what they spend, and the profit picture above is mostly just Income - Expense.  Since some of the early profit/debt numbers were missing in this 1947-69 group, from 1947 through 1959 to be exact, in the BEA information, I obtained the profit numbers from those earlier years by merely subtracting expense from income.  For the other years, I used the US BEA number for profit, which I think does include some minor math rather than being a simple subtraction.  And yes, there is always a case where a difference in how profit is calculated can change the curve.  But I did use the best data available.