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Single ball dance balls are used for individual dances, for singles generally out to meet someone, or for simple couple dances that dance somewhat separately a short distance away.  The dance balls are usually placed a meter or two in the air higher than the guests heads, and in general can do about 10 visitors total.  Of course if you have copy rights to the dance balls and need more, you might consider putting more out so more than 10 can dance at a time.  Many of our dance balls contain more than one type of dance and the dance routine cycles from one to the next.  Dances synchronize at the beginning of each new dance segment, which for some of the dance balls is about every 10 or 11 seconds.

These dance balls give an animation to a guest wherever they are currently standing.  If you wish dancers to be equally spaced, you might with to see our collection of multi-ball dance balls also.  Below are some of our single dance ball sales items:


Contains four different popular club dances and cycles between them at the rate of about 10 seconds or 11 seconds each.


An expansion really of club dances, but adds at least 5 more dance types for singles to show their stuff.  Cycles again at about 10 or 11 seconds between dances, and provides sync to the dances also at that time as do all of the dance balls.


Our latest animations - and ones custom from owl and pussycat.  These dances were recently redone to add much more realism and variety.  Fun, especially if you also buy one of our prim grass skirts from the costume area of our mall to go with it.  Sometimes we place the grass skirt option next to the dance ball as well for convenience.


This was our first version electric slide.  It will re-sync every 22 steps of the official electric slide dance routine.  However, this single ball dance will only work in one direction.  If looking for a more serious electric slide version, our multi-ball version provides movement in all four electric slide directions and also provides stable positions for each of a total possible of 20 users.


Mostly for fun, but up to ten people can do gymnastics at once using gymnastic animations loaded in this dance ball rather than dances.


Up to ten belly dancers can give shows using a variety of different belly dancing animations loaded into this dance ball. 


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