Line Dance

  While we love doing dances for Intan and Couple, this multi-ball line dance thing is just something we are really enjoying ourselves.  It is mostly singles dancing, to be sure (now includes at least one for couples), but done in a group format.  The dance balls are spaced out evenly in order to ensure everyone has their private dancing space, and that the whole event looks like it belongs together and is also a unit.  At one time or another, my guess is that you have done a line dance and had some fun.  This is similar kind of fun

Below if you want to branch quickly to a multi-ball line dance, it will tell you more.  Or you can read more below on how these dances work.

Salsa Mutli Line Dance  

Waltz Circle

Electric Slide Multi Line Dance


Texas Two Step Couples Circle Dance

Hokey Pokey  

Western 1 Line Dance

Hula Show Dance   Can Can Show Dance

As we have learned over time, script for dances is quite important, and so early on we learned to do our own script and to experiment and find the best way of synchronizing dances. We are glad we did this.  There are good ways of doing things and bad, and sometimes the right answer depends on the dance.  And more often than not, certain line dances require additional coding customized just for them.

But there are even more distinctions.  Hokey Pokey we felt should also tell the lyrics in the voice channel, and also possible allow some of the guests to come and leave without resetting the dance.  So, the dances are all a little different, but suit what the real life dance would require.

Note in the above that if you unlink the balls in a multi ball dance for any reason, that they must be re-linked before they will work again and synchronize with each other.  The sync commands go via the linkage in order to provide the least amount of possible SL error with other nearby animations.

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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