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  Yes. OnP Owl and Pussycat makes Mesh clothes that should work with most avatar types. We tend to test our mesh products with Maitreya, Belleza Venus, Tonic Curvy Body, Tonic Natural Beauty, Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass, EBody, and TMP avatar body types. Unless otherwise stated in the ad, these products are "classic mesh" meaning that they go to the right place on the body and also adjust for height and also perhaps overall body thickness, but not for example breast or butt size. The products are designed for a slender young or young at leart female with zero belly, and about 50% breast shape and 50% butt size. You can sometimes go higher in breast and butt size at the same size, or by wearing a larger size. You of course can go smaller. And breast clothes sizing is fashioned for up and perky.
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  OnP Mesh Lingerie Robe

The Hud allows you not only to modify textures, colors and transpancies. Comes in a number of sizes of classic mesh and has some textures we thought would go well with such a robe.

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  OnP Mesh Babydoll Negligee

Yes, the HUD not only allows changes, but also the possibility of opening up a larger neckline or raising the hem. Of course, you add lace options or perhaps simply... make it all lace if you wish.

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  OnP Mesh Mens Shirt for Females

It seems clear that some young girls, or girls young at heart, like to wear men's over size shirts and then something feminine below, like a skirt, jean shorts, or just panties perhaps. We did this product since we thought we might like that option as well.

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Maitreya Fitmesh:  Outerwear, Lingerie, Nylons and Pantyhose and Garters

Classic Mesh (sizes): Dresses, Skirts, Lingerie



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