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  Yes. OnP Owl and Pussycat makes Mesh clothes that should work with most avatar types. We tend to test our mesh products with Maitreya, Belleza Venus, Tonic Curvy Body, Tonic Natural Beauty, Slink Physique, Slink Hourglass, EBody, and TMP avatar body types. Unless otherwise stated in the ad, these products are "classic mesh" meaning that they go to the right place on the body and also adjust for height and also perhaps overall body thickness, but not for example breast or butt size. The products are designed for a slender young or young at leart female with zero belly, and about 50% breast shape and 50% butt size. You can sometimes go higher in breast and butt size at the same size, or by wearing a larger size. You of course can go smaller. And breast clothes sizing is fashioned for up and perky.
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  OnP Mesh Western Set

The Hud allows you not only to modify textures, colors and transpancies, but you can set several some areas to show a western effect. Has three pieces and of course the HUD and like most of our classic items, comes in 7 class sizes.

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  OnP Mesh Micro Skirt and Top

The HUD here for the skirt can not only change texture, color and transparency of multiple areas, but can make the skirt shorter from the top or from the bottom both. It has an optional belt and buckle, that can even both be eliminated such that the top is lower. And then there are a few hems on the bottom that can also be set to invisible to make the bottom rise dangerously higher :)

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OnP Split Top and Skirt   OnP Mesh Split Skirt and Top

This outfit is also shown in the dress area since it can be used for either a dress or a separate skirt outfit. But the top and skirt are separate and might simulate a dress, or you can choose to have them very different in texture, color or trnasparency.

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OnP Jean Shorts and Top   OnP Mesh Jeanshorts and Top

We had noticed that sometimes jean shorts and a sexy top get more attention than a dress or skirt does - and we also found at times that the attention was from both male and female avatars. And so jean shorts have always been one of our favorites. The jean shorts can be textured other than the denim look that they come with, or color tinted, or made a shade transparent. However, the most we ourselves do is sometimes color tint the jean shorts to better match the top - especially if using pink.

The top here is also unique and unless you modify it back to normal, gives the illusion of a very tight top with nipples pushing the top out. Of course these are not real nipples, but done in clothing. HUD options let you modify the neckline, or trim on the bottom and the jewel holding the very top together.

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OnP Mesh Mini Skirt   OnP Mesh Mini Skirt and Top

This was one of our first outfits done, that we have updated and improved it since a few times. But we still like the style. The Hud gives options on texture, color and transparency. And multiple areas can be changed separately including the trim area, the optional bow and more. As in some other of our designs, there is a separate adjustment for the bra area to make it less trasparent than the rest of the top if you wish, for more modesty.

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OnP Plaid Skirt and Top   OnP Mesh Plaid Skirt and Top

Yes it gives a younger look, but still hopefull old enough to be attractive. The top and skirt are separate and can have separate settings for texture, color and transparency amount (if desired). The skirt of course is pleated in mesh for a more genuine plaid skirt look. Match the top and skirt, or make them purposely different. We sometimes like to make the top white lace in sharp contrast to the plaid skirt. But design the texture, color and transparency to suit your wishes. Yes, you can separately modify the belt and buckle on the skirt.

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  OnP Wet Top

Just for fun.... this wet top product uses transparency values that you set to make it look similar to a wet top. You can turn it on and off, and also change the amount that shows. While our original thinking was that this might be used with our jean shorts types, this really is just a separate item that can be used as you wish.

Note that the SL Marketplace item might be in the adult section since it might use a more daring photo.

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Maitreya Fitmesh:  Outerwear, Lingerie, Nylons and Pantyhose and Garters

Classic Mesh (sizes): Dresses, Skirts, Lingerie



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