for Maitreya Mesh Avatars


Modeled by Suzie Larsen





Mesh Maitreya Clothes modeled by Suzie Larsen   MESH MAITREYA CLOTHES
As Modeled by Suzie Larsen

All of the clothes that Suzie Larsen is wearing here, is all available from OnP Owl and Pussycat. What does that include? It includes the outer dress, the high heels, the bra, panties and garter belt and the high nylons. All of this designed to fit the Maitreya avatar. It basically includes all that is not part of the body, such as the mesh Maitreya avatar body itself, the skin nor the hair.

One thing that is special about these clothes, is that they were designed to work together. Our Maitreya dresses, even though they are fitmesh designed for Maitreya, come in two sizes or more in case you have issues wearing underwear or nylons underneath. More and more, the girls working for OnP seem to wear our own OnP clothes since few other designers worry about what if you wish underwear or nylons underneath? As some women in real life like to do?

esh Maitreya High Heels modeled by Suzie Larsen   High Heels and Boots for Maitreya Mesh Avatars

We really had not intended to get into mesh high heels or boots so soon. But like outer clothes above, we found a problem. We ran into this problem after we made our nylon, pantyhose, garter belt, garter panty collection. And the problem was that many makers of high heels expect to fit their shoes to bare Maitreya feet, leaving no room for nylons. We made our nylons fit even tighter, but of course still allowing for movement, and now they were even tighter than some competitive brands. But the high heels still showed issues. And so at this time we have made 3 types of high heels and three types of boots, each with two options - an option for tight fit to Maitreya bare skin, and an option a bit larger for usage with nylons.

OnP High Heels and Boots Collection




Maitreya Fitmesh:  Outerwear, Lingerie, Nylons and Pantyhose and Garters

Classic Mesh (sizes): Dresses, Skirts, Lingerie



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