Each of us indeed have our talents.  But I really know of no human being that knows everything.  Therefore as each of our businesses grow and we pursue our dreams and the goals of our business, different expertise may be needed to help with key decisions.  Or perhaps, you are embarking on a new direction and simply want a second opinion.  During those times you may wish additional help.



We would be the first to agree with you - get the best help and advice you can while keeping your costs down.  If you hire someone full time to help you, that may add a huge second cost to your business when you only need help at certain times.  So why pay more?  Getting the right consultant can be a great help and also you would pay for only the duration of time when you need that help.  Then which consulting firm?  Many will send out people who may not have seen the stress and challenges that even you have seen.  When times get tough - and these times are - why not get a consultant firm founded by a former VP of Motorola, when it was a great Fortune 500 Company, who also was a Sr. VP of a start up firm, and who also has been a founder of several businesses.  Why not get someone who has seen issues faced by both giant companies ($1 Billion dollar a year sales) down to the $1 million a year revenue small business?  A person who has also personally done Profit and Loss statements, Balance Sheets and at times was responsible for fixing them - including a $1 billion dollar a year revenue Motorola business that was losing $100 million a year?  And yes, the Motorola team we put together fixed that.  And yes, I like to use the word "we".  One person may have the ideas, but it is generally a "team" that makes the great changes. 

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