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Maitreya Mesh Bunny Costume    OnP Mesh Maitreya Bunny Costume

For Maitreya Mesh Avatars Only. We have done many costumes over time, but our favorite has always been a bunny costume. Yes, some ladies like to be cats, and we might work on that, but we like bunny tails better at this time. It includes 4 separate rigged mesh items with the bodysuit being fitted fitmesh for the Maitreya Avatar.

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Maitreya Mesh Western Outfit   Maitreya Mesh Western Outfit

Five mesh pieces in all. A Top (shirt) and western skirt of course. But also a neckpiece, a cowgirl hat and cowgirl boots. The cowgirl boots come in two sizes... one for bare skin and one for usage with our OnP Nylons. The hat is mesh but is not rigged, such that you can modify its size and position to take into accout the hair style that you are wearing.

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Mesh Maitreya Miss Microskirt   Mesh Maitreya Miss Microskirt

I realize that someone may ask if this is a costme or just an outfit. We decided to call it a costume since the top and microskirt also include a ladies hat with ribbon and also cutie short boots. The short boots come in two sizes.. one for bare skin marked Maitreya, and one for usage with our nylons that are labeled for nylons. The hat is not rigged and therefore its size can be changed and it can be positioned to fit your own hair style. A costume of what? Perhaps of an heiress, who "has it and flaunts it." It is one of our favorite outfits.

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maid costume   Mesh Maitreya Maid Costume

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super hero costume   Mesh Maitreya Ms. Superhero Costume

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witch costume   Mesh Maitreya Witch Costume

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Maitreya Ballet Costume   Mesh Maitreya Ballet Costume

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Maitreya Camisk   Mesh Maitreya Camisk Costume

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Maitreya Fitmesh:  Dresses, Skirts, Shorts Slacks, Exotic Dancer
Costumes, Lingerie, Nylons and Pantyhose and Garters


Classic Mesh (sizes): Dresses, Skirts, Lingerie



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