Mix-n-Match means a few things to us here.  While it is indeed a common expression, it is an excellent name for our new line of clothes.  After years in the business there is much I and we have learned about accuracy, realism in SL, and also usability.  We tried to put all of those thoughts into our new Mix-n-Match line - whether it is lingerie, ladies clothes, men's clothes or others.  For usability, some of our new lingerie for example allows you to wear panties as pants or underpants, giving you more options.  And we sometimes also combine garter and panties into garter panties to combine two items and leave more options open to you.  As much as possible, we will do  copy = yes and color change modify = yes to allow our customers to copy, change color, and mix and match our items.

Many of the items at Suzie Larsen clothes in our association with OnP Owl and Pussycat in Tissela and Xstreet, come with copy = yes, and also modify = yes. This means that you can easily change the color if you wish and have many different looking versions of the items you buy. For example, let us say that our version of a clothes item is in blue. Well, just copy it, and then wear it and change color for another outfit if you wish such is in all red. How do you do this? Well if it is normal SL clothes simply worn, then wear the item and go to "appearance". Then highlight the item, and change the color to match whatever else you are wearing. Note also that if you use a unique color that you want for the whole outfit, that SL will allow you to drag a color over to one of the two furthest right hand color boxes - to temporarily save it so you can choose it for other items as well. And if the clothing item is a prim item such as a prim skirt or gown? just wear the item and while wearing it, edit it and change the color. Note that if you use this trick to save the same color on the right, that it is easy to then go through and make a new outfit.


Mix-n-Match is into our new outfits, and our new lingerie, and look for it in even more of our lines

Sexy Texture   Elegance Gowns   Lace Pattern Lingerie Sets
Girl Flowers   Rouche Gowns   Panty / Nylon Sets
Dragon Lady Outfits   Chic Outfits   Girdles, Pettipants, Nylons, Pantyhose
Anime Girl   Flirt Gowns   Negligee / Nightgowns
Dolly Girl   Flirt Anywhere   Panty Brief/Bra/Nylon Set
    Flirt Sexy   Crotchless Panties
    Business Suits Ladies   OTHER
        Nail Polish Fingernails & Toes


While copying and changing colors or items often works well, be careful not to change the texture unless you are an expert or are experimenting yourself on a copy. The texture can also include custom work and transparencies and necklines and such - that could go away if changed. You can usually get back to the same color, but often once a custom texture is lost, it can be lost forever,


Accuracy, Realism and usage. Many things are an approximation in SL, and certainly clothes can be. But over several years we have applied much we have learned to our new lines. As for realism, well, much of women's clothes have some degree of transparency, and so do much of our new line of undies for example. But of course, if one wishes, they should also be able to able to protect their modesty, and then can be done with better crotch areas and also layered clothing - just as layers work in real life. As for usage and versatility, we ourselves have learned that in some cases we wanted undies to be worn as either underpants or pants. This allows more options - underneath for tattoos or feminine body enhancements or above for allowance for garter belts or flexi skirt aids. And if we are short on SL allowed areas to add needs, we also in some cases have combined garter belts with undies to make garter panties and save on usage allowing even more options. And so we often added more versatility, at least to the items where we wanted to ourselves. Overall, we are quite pleased with our new lines and I certainly will be wearing it myself.

Storing outfits in folders

And when you make a new outfit, how do you keep it together? Well, what we do is to create a folder for each new outfit - some of them you may get as a total new outfit and some might be an outfit that you put together by copying parts of others and then matching color and more. Some places also allow you to copy hair and skins and jewelry and shoes and the like. We know that our jewelry and shoes can be copied. So, you can also put those copies in the same folder. When you have your new outfit? Just drag the folder over to your avatar. Best of course if you have a copy of your hair style in the folder since dragging a folder will also detach any prim items you were wearing before. Try this and see if you like it -saving outfits you make into separate folders. We love the idea.

Hope you enjoy

- Suzie Larsen for OnP Owl and Pussycat

- Hunter Bronet

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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