Fashion Clothes


I have been in Second Life for a long time now, over four years, and have been in the fashion clothes business almost from day one.  I cannot even be sure how many shopping malls I have had since starting with my first with only 256 square meters and an early lesson on extreme prim conservation  :)..  I think I am now on my 9th mall with my business partner Hunter Bronet. But almost since the beginning, I have called my clothes line Fashion Clothes by Suzie Larsen.  I am not on SL much, so please contact Hunter Bronet if you need something quickly.  Thanks.

Suzie Larsen




  Elegance Gowns Panty / Nylon Sets
Tuxedos and Suits Rouche Gowns Girdles, Pettipants, Nylons, Pantyhose
Mens Western Wear Chic Outfits Negligee / Nightgowns
  Flirt Gowns Bra Sets


Flirt Anywhere Lace Panty Bra Sets
  Flirt Sexy Panty Print Set
Ladies Jewelry Anywhere 1 Swimwear Nail Polish Fingernails & Toes
Ladies Jewelry Elegant 1 Jeans Transparent dk  
  Jeans Transparent lt HIGH HEELS
  Gym Shoes

High Heels

Visit us at the Owl and Pussycat Mall in Second Life at Tissela
look under classifieds for Owl and Pussycat ..or