Our General Goals at OnP for Mesh Products are as Follows:

  • Try to ensure that the customers do not have to use alpha

  • Keep Complexity low so the Avatar can be seen easier

  • Allow Color Change via a HUD, and also at times some texture or transparency change

  • For Outer Clothes, for many, try to allow options for mesh underwear below

  • For High Heels and Boots, try to allow options for mesh nylons - at least our own - if not more

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It would seem to us that there might be a number of reasons why a Second Life Lady might wish to wear mesh underclothes under a mesh outer dress for example. But we found that few mesh clothes designers take this into account. It seems that most mesh fitmesh clothes are designed to be close to skin tight in many place on the avatar body. While if the item is a dress or skirt and flairs out even just a little at the widest part of the waist, that sometimes can allow mesh panties to be worn underneath, but not always. And wearing a bra underneath is usually even far more difficult.

Not all our Fitmesh Maitreya Clothes are designed to allow mesh underwear beneath, but some of our dresses are. As such, our OnP Owl and Pussycat Dresses can come in sizes. The size marked Maitreya is sort of the normal skin tight one for bare skin below, or might perhaps allow some types of mesh panties. Then we might include one or two larger sizes of the same Fitmesh dress sometimes called "Medium" or "Large" to accomodate more in the way of mesh underclothes beneath.

We admit that even some of our outer clothes, such as shorts or slacks may not allow any mesh underclothes beneath. And the reason is fashion... since some jean shorts or slacks are meant to appear skin tight. But we try and provide more space or sizes for some of our dresses and skirts.

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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