Mesh Nylons


Our General Goals at OnP for Mesh Products are as Follows:

  • Try to ensure that the customers do not have to use alpha

  • Keep Complexity low so the Avatar can be seen easier

  • Allow Color Change via a HUD, and also at times some texture or transparency change

  • For Outer Clothes, for many, try to allow options for mesh underwear below

  • For High Heels and Boots, try to allow options for mesh nylons - at least our own - if not more

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It seems to us, that there are times when a lady just would want to wear mesh nylons. And then some mesh makers, including ourselves, put some good mesh nylons and or pantyhose on the market. We then found to our surprise that not many high heel or ladies boot makers allows space inside their shoes for nylons. This seemed odd. So then, Second Life Ladies can never wear socks or nylons?

mesh nylons in mesh heels   Note Example to the left that allows nylons inside heels

While we had done mesh for a while, we decided that if no one else was going to make ladies high heels and boots that could work with nylons, we would. So after some learning attempts and throwing away many of our first mesh shoes, we made a high heel that we liked. We now give that one away free, since we feel so strongly that some high heels should be available that work with mesh nylons as an option.

 Our high heels and boots often have a Maitreya Fitmesh version that fits somewhat tight to your bare skin, if that is what you want. But they also include a version called "Nylons" instead of Maitreya that can be used at least with our naylons and pantyhose if not some other ones commercially available in Second Life.

Some of our shoes, notably some other high heels, actually have four mesh items included. They include one called "Maitreya" for bare skin, and one called "Nylons" for wearing with our nylons or perhaps others. Then there are also normal and shiny versions of both.


thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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