Our General Goals at OnP for Mesh Products are as Follows:

  • Try to ensure that the customers do not have to use alpha

  • Keep Complexity low so the Avatar can be seen easier

  • Allow Color Change via a HUD, and also at times some texture or transparency change

  • For Outer Clothes, for many, try to allow options for mesh underwear below

  • For High Heels and Boots, try to allow options for mesh nylons - at least our own - if not more

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What is it? The more complex our mesh clothes are or objects on our avatar, the harder it is for Second Life to draw our avatar. An even more serious problem can arise if we are around other avatars whose computers cannot handle the power needed, and may be adjusted therefore to not even see some complex avatars. Then instead of looking nicer, we might not be seen at all. This problem of course is even worse on sims that could be crowded with 10 or more people, and can be just plain awful at even higher numbers. We might never be seen if too complex.

Oddly, we have found that sometimes complexity does not even always make clothes look nicer, since we have tried it several ways. It often just adds to problems in many cases. And so, we at OnP Owl and Pussycat try to keep complexity as low as we can, in order that you can be seen in Second Life.

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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