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Our General Goals at OnP for Mesh Products are as Follows:

  • Try to ensure that the customers do not have to use alpha

  • Keep Complexity low so the Avatar can be seen easier

  • Allow Color Change via a HUD, and also at times some texture or transparency change

  • For Outer Clothes, for many, try to allow options for mesh underwear below

  • For High Heels and Boots, try to allow options for mesh nylons - at least our own - if not more

Note: Click on the Links above for items you wish more information on.


Our HUD Menus often include even more than color... that you might expect if you buy a Fat Pack from others. We sometimes include a choice of texture, and perhaps also transparency change and sometimes even more control. And for many of our items, there are separate areas that we call "faces" that can separately changed for color, or often even texture or transparency. There are so many options, that you might feel that you are doing your own clothes design, beginning with ours and a powerful HUD.

Sometimes our HUDs can work with more than one item, as can be true in our Classic Mesh items more often. Sometimes they are designed to only work with one or two other items to allow you to design things separately. We try to make choices on that that we would want.

In some cases, the HUD can be quite powerful. For example, in the case of our Nylons Fatpack that includes pantyhose, garter, and garty panty, and nylons in two sizes, it just about allows you to create your own nylons. Some people prefer nylon stocking that are very sheer, some people prefer less sheer and therefore more opaque. You can set either. Our standard is about 70% transparent in the main nylon areas and perhaps 30 or 40% transparent in the reinforced areas of the top, heel and toe. You can also add a seam or leave it normal. But suit yourself. Then there are colors and some textures.

One option for many of our mesh clothes is that if the HUD does not have enough options for you, we also allow "modify". Therefore you can right click the clothes while wearing them, edit them for color or texture or more without using the convenience of the HUD. This gives even far more options of course.

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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