Rides and Tours


Rides and Tours

There are a lot of great sites to see in SL.  But one of the most impressive that I remember the most was my first balloon ride on someone's sim.  Balloons are neat to begin with, and it just seemed a great experience.  So much so, that I had to do my own version.  The software to control a balloon tour, or a Venice Gondola or a hang glider tour is complex.  But of course the idea is to make it easy for the customer.  Basically to put a system like this together on your sim, you program a balloon tour by writing down a series of small journeys, equal or less than 60 meters each, in a row for the balloon to follow.  And you can have 72 of these one line program destinations.  When you put it all together, it becomes a tour and you put the notecard inside of that balloon or gondola.  Then when you are ready, you set up a menu in a rezzing station to rez that balloon on your property near the rezzing station sign.  The balloon would rez, wait a bit for passengers to get on, and then do its tour.  At the end, it drops the passengers off, hopefully close to ground :), and then the balloon dies so as not to add unnecessary prims to your land.  While this might sound a bit to do, only the first time.  I would guess that the second time it will seem easy to program.  And the software does try and look for some (but not all) programming errors and may tell you in what line and where.  Much fun!


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- Hunter Bronet

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